Monday, March 25, 2013

All the mod cons

Just before I left NZ I finally conquered the sofa bed issue,so here it is made in steel blue linen. No legs yet as its travelling with me. So here's the sofa:

And in bed mode:

With mattress pad:

And fitted sheet:

And fully made up:

I learned HEAPS doing it, among which

1. 1/4 inch foam board is NOT easier to work with than 2 pieces of 1/8 inch glued together

2. Fabric glue is easy to smear on accidentally, but hard to get off

3. You don't have to swear at double sided tape if you don't cut it until after you have attached one side to the piece. Attach, cut. Rather than cut, attach, then struggle to get the backing off without taking either the tape or even the surface underneath.

The other big news is that my hostess has a 1940s Triang dollhouse with original dolls and furniture, which she has given me permission to photograph and post. Check in over Easter to see.

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  1. Well done on your sofa bed. Looks great. I look forward to seeing photos of the Triang over Easter.

  2. me alegro de que al final hayas encontrado el sofa-cama que buscabas , en ocasiones se aprecia mas lo que cuesta un poco conseguir



  3. It looks GREAT! I love how it really moves and the bedding. Upholstering mini furniture takes a lot of trial and error. I always get glue on the fabric.

  4. Very nice design! I really like this sofa =) Hannah