Monday, June 10, 2013

Why it is important to read mini blogs: a true story!

This weekend I rented a car so I could explore some parts of Cornwall relating to my research. In the process I was forced by a $&%#€ b****** to back down a very narrow road with hedgerows on either side. [There were 6 pullover spots behind him and the nearest behind me was about a kilometre back] And I do mean VERY narrow. In the process the passenger side of the car got scraped by brambles in the hedgerow. Gone was my £100 deductible.

While driving and cursing I remembered a tutorial by Fabulously Small for restoring scratched surfaces. So I stopped the car, whipped out my toothpaste and a tissue, and voila! Scratches all gone! Fabulous Small you really lived up to your name.

Not much mini-ing going on at the moment. Work, work, work! Here's a photo anyway.

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