Tuesday, February 12, 2013

How cute are these?

Thank you everyone who offered advice about glues. I found some white glue AND some craft clamps at the $2 shop. I'm really tickled with them. So much better than the pink and brown! Neem, my head tells me you are right about plain white, but I just love these. Haven't quite finished them. The arm is hanging on precariously. I need to get some superglue. And the backs aren't done yet. But with a very modern dark blue linen sofa they will look spectacular.

Credits: chairs are Hannson, toile de jouy is from l'atelier du chat botte etsy shop.

Don't forget tomorrow is the draw day for the giveaway. A special surprise in store for that as well.

More 2 mow row!

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  1. me alegro mucho de que hayas encontrado el pegamento que te convenia , esas sillas son preciosas



  2. yes a good glue is vital when making minis, I love what you are doing to the chairs, the colour of fabric is great

  3. Your remodeled chairs are darling. I love this style and can't wait to see the chairs in a modern setting. Oh, how exciting! Fingers crossed! xo Jennifer

  4. These chairs are very cute!
    Bye Faby

  5. They look amazing! So much better than before :)

  6. Невероятное превращение. Прекрасная работа!