Wednesday, February 27, 2013

More Modern Roomboxes in Museums

On a hunch I took at look at the Thorne Miniature Rooms in the Art Institute in Chicago. These are 68 roomboxes commissioned by Mrs. James Ward Thorne, most of which are historical European or American rooms. However a few of them are rooms from California during the 1930s, including this one

 This one is a French library from the same period:

Obviously Mrs. Thorne travelled in different company than I do, but isn't it nice she left us these beautiful records of home interiors.


  1. When Lyssa and I went to the museum, I took a close up of that curved sofa and coffee table with the intention of duplicating them someday. They are fantastic rooms.

  2. Indeed it is. The exactness of scale is exquisite and the style...refined & flawless.

  3. Stunning, absolutely stunning, and inspiring! Thanks for posting the photos, Molly, I haven't seen these rooms before.

    Cheers, Neen

  4. I like the second room.
    Bye Faby