Tuesday, May 7, 2013

New York Loot

Since im travelling I have been foraging for mini accessories, both in NYC and in Ithaca. Here are some pix;
First from The Tiny Dollhouse in NYC, some tiny tissue boxes, a brass kettle , a rooster and chicken and four of the nicest little mugs I have come across. Unlike the usual porcelain for minis these are perfectly proportioned, not thick and lumpy. I got a few more things but they have been sent off to Nancy on a swap.

Next from a wonderful little antique shop in the East Mall in Ithaca, an art nouveau picture frame, straw hats and beads which will make ginger jars and candlesticks. I love this little shop which stocks all manner of small vintage and antique goodies--beads, jewellery, dolls furniture, old toys, a veritable treasure trove.

I also got this tiny Chinese figurine. It's only 1/2 inch high I just had to grab it when I saw it. I inherited larger similar figurines from my grandmother and then my mother. They are much beat-up, but are among my most prized possessions. I also inherited 1 tiny single figure from this series, so it now has a couple of mates. You'll see them in lots of scenes in the future.

Then on Saturday I wandered down Ithaca Commons and into Ten Thousand Villages where I scored these little beauties. The hugging figures are less than an inch high while the egg containing a nativity scene is about an inch long. The bicycle is one of a set of earrings.

All in all Im very pleased. They will add more life to future scenes. Some will go into the Paris apartment, which I haven't given up on, even though I couldn't finish it for the Undersized Urbanite which has, by the way, some pretty amazing entries.
And I have another mini-justification. They make great souvenirs and take up no space at all in a suitcase.
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  1. wow, veo que has aprovechado bien el viaje y te has aprovisionado bien de preciosas miniaturas ,seguro que las disfrutaras mucho