Sunday, May 12, 2013

Spring Swap, part 2

This is the best I could do in terms of staging a scene with Nancy's wonderful gifts. Remembering that I have been living in hotels for a month so improvisation is key. First of all it prodded me into get the the floor done for the Paris flat. This is not your fancy lay-it-down stick by stick job; its what you get when you have a piece of hardboard, a travellers water colour set, a Swiss Army knife and a tube of Burt's Bees lip salve. I wanted something that looks like very old floorboards of the kind you find in very old French apartments ( Ive only ever been in one). I grooved the floorboards into the hardboard with the knife, then scraped it down with my room key card to get ride of the sawdust that had been raised. Then I washed it down repeatedly with burnt sienna and cobalt blue water colour in various mixes and densities, blow drying it with the hotel dryer a few times so it wouldn't warp. Finally I rubbed lip salve all over it and polished it with Kleenex.
The back wall is the hotel; the side wall is my watercolour pad. I used my French Flat sofa bed. I call it 'Moving into the new studio'.

I bought the lamp in a little housewares shop near the Guggenheim in New York. It's called a Tiny Task. I wish I had bought a couple. I have a Tiny Tim, but it doesn't give off much light.

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