Wednesday, October 17, 2012

New Mini Blog

I have decided to start a new blog and make a commitment to blogging once a week. It seems like an auspicious week to do this for three reasons: 1) I got a dremel as a (belated) birthday  present; 2) i was one of 10 international people lucky enough to get a free cubebot from CallSmall for her cubebot challenge; and 3) i finished (or pretty close) the roombox I made as a retirement gits for a friend (about which more later). So I have things to blog about, am participating in a challenge and, most importantly, finally found my camera so I can post pictures.

I have also given up on my Gertrude Stein project until we get the rest of our goods out of storage, and that seems to be an ever receding event. finally, after two years of following blogs, I realised that I was worried about Oese who writes Raum fur raum and who hasn't blogged for ages. So I guess I am in this community and better start contributing.

On the other hand I still have a lot to learn about blogging, such as how to put a link to CallSmall's blog. [I think this works now], but I reckon this is a good place to start.

So here are the first pictures of the retirement roombox for my friend who loves gardening, poetry, good writing and crosswords. Its a mockup of her back verandah where she spends most of the time when she's not in the garden. Below is an early photo. At first I thought I would just paint the inside of the box, but it looked too flat.

So I tackled the old craft sticks (Just because these started out as popsicle sticks, do they STILL need to make themwith rounded ends. Who uses the rounded ends? Think of all the trees which could be saved by making them square. On the plus side the sight of me struggling with a craft knife and popsicle sticks inspired my husband to buy me the aforementioned Dremel).

I also went out and bought my first Fimo and discovered the joys and frustrations of making teeny tiny veg: Not patisserie, but quite a lot of fun. And here are a couple of close-ups the almost finished product:

The statue looking through the window was my grandmother's I decided to keep him in. and wasn't planned, but he looked so intersted.


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