Monday, October 29, 2012

Retirement Home

So, the retirement gift is finished, although I keep thinking of more things I could do to it to make it more detailed, better, more colourful. However, its my first completed mini 'set', so I've learned a huge amount (Note to self: don't paint the inside walls white, unless you improve your photographic skills). As luck would have it the macro button on my newly found camera doesn't seem to work any more, so I'm not sure the photos are very good. This is the best overall view. My friend more or less lives on her verandah and in her garden. The plan originally was to build a mock-up of the actual verandah, but since I last saw it she has replaced much of the furniture. In addition to that ,various tasks, including installing french doors, are beyond me at this point. So this is an approximation.

She is also an avid reader, of poetry, novels, gardening  and home decorating magazines, cereal boxes, etc, so I have made some of her favourite books and magazines. On the table are the Letters of Lord Chesterfield to his son, a couple of detective novels and the Poetry of Phillip Larkin. She has a sweet tooth, thus the chocolate treats, and we play Skywords everyday on our ipads.
The bird on the wall, for those who have never been to New Zealand, is a pukeko. They are classic garden decorations, being very colourful and slightly cartoonish.

I made the potting shed from craft sticks; also made all the little pots, cushions, veg, magazines and books. The furniture was bought from Fairytale Miniatures in Australia, but didn't have any brand labels. The yellow wall art is a paperclip from my accountant. Thanks to Briar for sizing and printing the images for the books and magazines.

Hope you enjoy it.

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