Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Pretty pleased to have received my cubebot from Christine for the Cubebot challenge already. I've got lots of ideas; it's going to be difficult settling on one. I like the way Brae drops hints when she's preparing challenges so maybe I'll do that. In the meantime here's the wonderful Mr. (I think) Cubebot, unpacking him?self after a long flight (over 20 hours Princeton NJ to AKLDNZ).

 Stretching: a boy gets cramped during long flights.

Here are a few close-ups of the retirement roombox. Almost finished; just a few details to go; then I'll post some whole scenes.I did  a bit of research after baking the first lot of veggies. Someone said if you boil them they come out very shiny and have less risk of burning. Boiled the second lot; they came out very pale and very dull. A bit of gloss nail varnish fixed that, but boiling definitely doesn't work with my Fimo.

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