Sunday, November 25, 2012

Fiddling with fabrics and women's lib!

Not much mini-ng done this weekend --mostly  spring cleaning, getting ready for Christmas as the rellies are coming to us this year. However, I did get a few minutes to make some drapes for the Cubebot challenge. I found the fabric during my R&R visit to my friend last weekend. Not much time to look for fabrics otherwise. I also found some Fraystop, so now I feel like a real miniaturist.

I pleated, rather than draped the fabric because I tried using a home-made starch from a recipe on the internet. It didn't work, but it did make me think about how long it had been since I had starched anything --we may be talking 50 years here, since ironing my brother's shirts was one of my household jobs! There's another one for the Mini-nuts: you know you're a mini-nut when you start doing things that women haven't had to do for half-a-century!

So here's to drip-dry, no-iron, no-starch, and boys ironing their own clothing! That's why we have time for minis.

 The other mini-ing was a detour back to my first, now suspended-- blog. Also having to do with fabrics. Read it here. These are the fabrics:

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