Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Take a seat ... Or three

Call Small and Shopping Sherpa are not the only ones to get interesting mail. The toile de jouy arrived and guess what...l"atelier du chat botte is in Versailles. So I have a genuine letter from Versailles. Not from Marie Antoinette, but from Puss in Boots!

The toile is exquisite, very detailed and clear. Included also was a tiny print of Notre Dame from across the Seine. Also exquisite.
So I was unable to restrain myself from starting the chairs. But first I did finish the red suede sofa (thanks mini dork for your comment which spurred me on). The sofa has been not-quite-finished for nearly a year due to the fact that I saw the suede-like fabric, loved the colour and the idea of a big soft suede sofa, but had no idea about how b******ly difficult working with synthetic material is for minis. I think I exercised every swear word in my vocabulary making it. I also made a mistake and ended up with one end higher than the other and had to figure out a way to fix that without starting over. So here it is..not a great photo, but set up in a quick scene:

I must say I like the end result. Egg chair is Reac; postcard is Henry Moore.
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  1. I like your room and art work! I cannot, however, figure out what swear word starts with "b," ends with "y" and had 8 letters! (Sorry, couldn't help myself.)

    Best, Neen

    1. Should have been 9 letters..slur on the legality of ones birth