Thursday, January 31, 2013

Undersized Urbanite Continued: I love Internet shopping!

I used to decry email because no one writes letters anymore. the post used to bring only bills. But now...
My kitchen for the French flat arrived yesterday. It's lovely, detailed, drawers and cupboards all open. What a nice treat.

i will probably paint it blue, and I'll definitely replace the stove with a mini-refrigerator, but in the meantime, here it is. The box said it was Woodham Collection which I've never heard of before. It was only $35.00. If I could find another one I'd buy it as it will fit nicely in any number of scenes. If anyone out there knows how to source them, could you let me know.

Having it now gives me the width of the French flat... The length of this unit (8,5 inches), plus the width of a corridor (3.5 inches). So 12 inches wide.

I drew up a floor plan using the DRAW FLOOR PLAN app. (If you use it you have to save each time before you leave the app. I kept forgetting, going out to check measurements, then having to start all over again. I' m not sure my lovely shower base is going to survive the process. It might be a bit big.

I,m still trying to figure out how to make a sofa-bed. There seem to be tutorials for everything else on the net. By the way Kris from 1inch Minis has a terrific tutorial on how to make upholstered furniture this month

-Would love to know how some of the other UUs are going. If you are blogging yours, please let me know.

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  1. Love the kitchen unit and the price...ebay? I am hoping to get some sanding done today on my UU entry xx

    1. ts really nice; discounted on TRADEME, NZ,s version of eBay. They are £23 plus postage at Elf miniatures.

  2. esa cocina es preciosa , seguro que le sacaras mucho partido



  3. Nice! I think they have these at Elf miniautres.

    1. Thanks, so they do --a bit more than I paid for mine.

  4. 'The Woodham Collection' must have been The Wonham Collection in UK. You can find them here: . They seem to carry still that kitchen unit

  5. I bought that kitchen along with a fridge full of food and the accessories for $34. You can see pictures of mine here (the floral decals on the fridge were just stickers that I easily peeled off after these pics):

    The same seller has one for sale now for $34, same set as mine, just different colors:

    Mini Dream World on ebay also has some under $40 modern-ish kitchens: