Monday, January 21, 2013

Undersized urbanite bathroom

No post for a while. Various other things going on in my life. I have been looking on both eBay and etsy for a toilet to go with the shower stall and sink. Am a bit torn between ultra modern and old-style. I haven,t found one which I like yet.

I have, however, been searching the web for Moroccan tiles and have found some lovely ones. Again decisions to be made: be purist and stick with blue and white?


Or add a splash of other colour?

Tile the whole bathroom dark blue. Or paint? either way there will be a tile frieze, and perhaps floor as well. ? A bit of experimenting to be done.

I have ordered some mini toile de jouy to re-cover some Hanssen chairs, have a bid currently on a one piece kitchen on, so it is coming together.

The big logistic issue is that it is due to be finished for the contest in May and needs to be in Canada early June for my friends birthday, and I am going to be travelling in April. Hmmm....

In the meantime I have decided I have to finish Gertrude's chair and a red suede sofa I started before I start construction. No pressure!

The sky is blue and it is hot and clear here. Regards to those of you caught in the cold snap in middle North !

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  1. esos azulejos son muy bonitos , seguro que quedaran muy bien en el baƱo



  2. You had me at "red suede sofa". Good luck with the tiles and time management. How is it already the end of January? Count down is on. Looking forward to seeing your next urbanite update.